Hello and welcome to Elusive Images Wildlife Photography

Jamie Lamb is an enthusiastic Scottish wildlife photographer who focusses on the vast and diverse wildlife in Scotland and around the world. He grew up in Argyll in the magnificent Scottish highlands and it was here, amongst the captivating coasts and enchanting Caledonian forests, he developed his passion for wildlife photography.

Since forming Elusive Images in 2010, Jamie has travelled to every continent (but the cold ones) in search of wildlife, taking him deep into the jungles of the Amazon and Asia to the mountains of the Himalayas and Rockies to the ancient forests of Europe and plains of Africa.

Jamie is passionate about two things - wildlife and photography - and has brought the two together, culminating in breathtaking images that capture the beauty of some of the worlds most unique and mysterious creatures. 

Jamie's images have been used in many magazines, advertisements, newspapers, websites and other publishings all over the world. 


Commercial Sales

All images on this site and Instagram are for sale. They can be purchased as high quality digital prints ready for mounting and framing or on canvas. Please contact for sizes and pricing. 

Images can be bought as high resolution TIFFs or JPEGS. They can be delivered by email or CD. Prices for image use are dependant on their use. All images remain the property of the Photographer.

Discounts will be given for bulk orders, please contact for quote and more details.